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Reported for: WPML SEO 2.1.0

Topic Tags: Compatibility

Overview of the issue

When using the Yoast SEO Pro plugin, RegEx redirect rules do not work in the same way across different languages. There is a different behavior for the default language and the second language.

For example, if you create a redirection rule like ^/en/faq/(.+)$ to /en/support/$1, it might not work as expected when trying to access it through


Option 1

As a quick workaround you can create different rules.
Following the initial example:

  • ^/faq/(.+)$ redirects to /support/$1
  • ^faq/(.+)$ redirects to /en/support/$1

Option 2

Please, make sure of having a full backup of your site before proceeding.

  • Open …/wp-content/plugins/wp-seo-multilingual/classes/class-wpml-wpseo-redirection.php file.
  • Look for the line 34.
  • Replace this code:
    foreach ( $redirections as $redirection ) {
        if ( $redirection['origin'] === $url || '/' . $redirection['origin'] === $url ) {
            return true;
  • With:
    foreach ( $redirections as $redirection ) {
    				if($redirection['format'] == 'regex'){
    					// Ensure $url starts with /, if regex would need to check if string starts with this is needed.
    					if(strpos($url, '/', 0) !== 0){
    						$url = '/' . $url;
    					// Lets use ~ as a regex delimiter instead of /, as we are matching a URL.
    					preg_match('~' . $redirection['origin'] . '~', $url, $matches); 
    					if(count($matches) > 0){
    						return true;
    				} else if($redirection['origin'] === $url || '/' . $redirection['origin'] === $url){
    					return true;

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