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地理定位泛指根据用户位置营销特定内容的能力。 将用户重定向到其语言的内容是一个很大的用户体验优势,通过基于IP检测位置,网站所有者可以自动以最适合用户的语言显示内容。 WPML已经允许您 根据浏览器语言重定向访问者 。 但是,如果您想 根据IP重定向访问者 ,可以在下表中了解有关我们为此类别推荐的插件的更多信息,并比较其功能(注意:有些可能仅在专业版或高级版中可用)。

GeotargetingWP PROIP2Location RedirectionWPML Redirect Based on IP Country
GeotargetingWP PROIP2Location RedirectionWPML Redirect Based on IP Country

GeotargetingWP PRO is a highly customizable, premium geotargeting plugin that is well integrated with a variety of third-party plugins and page builders. Its comprehensive list of features makes it one of the most well-rounded geotargeting redirection plugins.

IP2Location Redirection is an easy-to-use plugin that does as its name suggests: Redirection on a website or a URL based on IP address. This plugin is a great option for users looking for a simple, free solution to implement IP-based redirects on their WordPress sites.

Since WPML only supports redirection based on browser language, this plugin specifically gives WPML users the option to redirect visitors to URLs based on IP. It is lightweight, simple, and most suited to users needing basic IP redirection functionality.

测试日期7 7 月, 20214 8 月, 20217 7 月, 2021
Has request quota
Able to show notice before redirect
Able to redirect automatically
Works with caching plugins (AJAX Mode)
Create mappings
Create custom regions
Create custom redirection rules
Supports non-geo rules
Compatible with e-commerce post types
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我们只推荐那些持续承诺与WPML兼容的插件。 上表中插件的作者定期与WPML团队密切合作,以确保您可以构建一个可靠的多语网站。

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