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目录插件允许您构建用户友好的列表网站,这些网站显示大量信息,比较列表,并使用搜索和过滤功能对列表进行排序。 在下表中了解有关我们为此类别推荐的插件的更多信息,并比较其功能 - 其中一些可能仅在专业版或高级版中可用。

Business DirectoryToolsetDirectorist - Business Directory PluginGeoDirectory
Business DirectoryToolsetDirectorist - Business Directory PluginGeoDirectory

Business Directory Plugin offers a simple way to build directory websites of any size without a developer. You can add custom fields, Google maps, ratings, and reviews, change your directory layout instantly using templates, filter listing results by location, and more.

Toolset is a suite of plugins that helps WordPress professionals build advanced sites without programming. It’s great for real estate sites, directory sites, membership sites and anything else that otherwise requires a lot of programming.

Directorist allows you to build any kind of business directories or classifieds websites. The free version comes with around 30 extensions and includes features like custom directory builder, multi-directory, ranked featured list, advanced search filter, booking, custom fields and multiple monetization options.

With the GeoDirectory plugin, you can create fully customizable business directory sites with ease. Some features marked in the comparison table below are only available by purchasing official GeoDirectory addons.

测试日期17 5 月, 202215 7 月, 202213 5 月, 202217 6 月, 2022
Customizable form fields to submit listings
Pre-built directory layouts
Fully customizable layouts
Show listings on a map
Ratings and reviews
Add custom post types, fields and taxonomies
Advanced search options and filters
Listing carousels
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