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Sometimes, you will want to show translated breadcrumbs on your Product pages and have them include the Shop link.

Because of how WooCommerce works, this functionality requires two things to be set-up:

  • You need to set your permalink product base to your shop slug.
  • You need to set the product base, configured on the Settings->Permalinks page, to be the same as the slug of the shop page.

When these requirements are met, the shop link should become available in your site’s breadcrumbs when visiting a product.

Please note that currently, there is a limitation, related to WooCommerce (and not WPML) on how the shop link appears in the breadcrumb. If your product base includes non-ASCII characters the shop link will not appear in the breadcrumbs.

Because of this, we currently suggest that you only use ASCII characters in your product base, if you want the shop to be included in the product base breadcrumbs.