דלג על ניווט

We're in the midst of a global catastrophe. What we can learn from previous global events is that those who adapt survive. Those who cannot adapt, perish. We're looking to understand how your business changes, so that we can serve you better.

Restaurants: from seating to take-away

Being in the restaurants business is tough these days. Many restaurants were barely profitable until now and today they're going out of business.

In my street, there are two restaurants that have adapted. All tables are folded, waiting for better times. But the kitchen is working overtime. Instead of seating people, they are offering take-away and deliveries. They can also offer significant discounts, because eating at home costs the restaurant a lot less than taking up a table for an hour.

Museums: from physical visitors to online exhibitions

Museums are closing all over the world. But people still need a break from home and still want to live a little. So, museums are quickly transforming to online exhibitions. We already support clients who are doing new integrations with streaming services that offer exactly this.

More e-commerce and delivery everywhere

Of course, when you can't physically travel, the best way to get what you need is online. So we are already seeing an explosion in e-commerce integration work.

How about you?

We want to make sure that we're working on the right things that you'll need in the coming months. To help us get it right, can you spend a minute in our survey? Tell us what's trending down and what you'll need more of.

From all of us in OnTheGoSystems, we hope that you make it through this crisis. We'll do our very best to reduce friction and allow you to succeed.

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