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מערכות ניהול למידה עוזרות לך לבנות, לנהל ולמכור קורסים מקוונים. קבל מידע נוסף על התוספים המומלצים שלנו לקטגוריה זו בטבלה שלהלן והשווה את התכונות שלהם - שחלקן עשויות להיות זמינות רק בגרסאות Pro או Premium.

LearnPressMasterStudy LMS Learning Management System
LearnPressMasterStudy LMS Learning Management System

LearnPress is a well-rounded LMS Plugin for WordPress. You can create courses with lessons and quizzes within a simple interface. You can monetise your content and add additional feature to suit your needs with various pro addons.

MasterStudy LMS offers a comprehensive learning management system for creating and managing online educational content. Key features include course creation, content dripping, quizzes, assignments, discussion forums, analytics, and WooCommerce integration for selling courses.

Pricing model
Plugin price$0-$299/year$0 - $400/year
Date testedינואר 30, 2024ינואר 23, 2024
Drag and drop course builder
Drip feed content
Integrated with popular 3rd party payment gateways
Compatible with 3rd party plugins to extend functionality
Create multi-layer courses with lessons, quizzes, and more
Discussion forums
Gamification features
More about LearnPressMore about MasterStudy LMS Learning Management System

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