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Ajax Search Pro תואם WPML. תוסף זה נבדק באופן יסודי וניתן להשתמש בו לבניית אתרים רב-לשוניים ללא בעיות.

Ajax Search Pro

– פותח על-ידי Ernest Marcinko

גרסה 4.26.2

נבדקה לאחרונה בתאריך: נובמבר 16, 2023

Ajax Search Pro is a robust WordPress plugin designed to enhance your site's search functionality by offering live, customizable results and fast, responsive search queries.

Features such as keyword suggestions, content thumbnails, and a variety of customizable filters ensure a seamless and visually appealing search process. Let your users search posts, pages, custom post types, custom taxonomy terms, categories, users, and even media attachments.

Please note: Ajax Search Lite is also compatible with WPML.

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