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LiteSpeed Cache הוא תוסף מומלץ הודות למחויבות שלו לתאימות מתמשכת ושותפות עם WPML. LiteSpeed Cacheת ואם באופן מלא ל-WPML.

LiteSpeed Cache

– פותח על-ידי LiteSpeed Technologies

גרסה 4.6

נבדקה לאחרונה בתאריך: מאי 19, 2022

LiteSpeed Cache is a free, open-sourced plugin that combines caching and optimization features to help speed up your site. This includes server-level and private caching, plus image and database optimization

It supports server-level full-page caching and private caching of personalized pages, plus a crawler searches for outdated cached pages and refreshes them.

LiteSpeed Cache also supports optimization features such as HTML, CSS, and JS minification, lazy loaded images, serving images from a CDN, and more.

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