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We’re growing and need help. WPML and our two new plugins, Types and Views, require more support and applications experts. We want to pay you $500 (USD) for referring great applicants to us.

In order to keep up with demand for expert support, we’re looking for developers, who want to join our support and applications team. Our support is not just about answering questions in the forum. We’re looking for developers, who can help clients build great websites, debug problems and build new features.

About Working with Us

OnTheGoSystems is a global business. We all work from our homes and communicate using the Web. Skype, email and Basecamp are our office. We work flexible hours and make sure to leave enough time to enjoy life.

Our team is currently spread across Argentina, Romania, Serbia, Australia, Spain, Ukraine and Israel. We welcome people from any country, as long as they can meet a few requirements:

Be extra nice.
Yup, we intend to enjoy our work time, as well as our play time.
Speak English.
Almost none of us is a native English speaker, but we all use English to communicate. Our clients also expect us to write and speak English. Having another language is always an advantage.
Breath PHP and eat WordPress.
I hope that this doesn’t require additional explanation.
Be responsible and self-motivated.
It’s impossible to run a distributed business unless everyone thinks big.

The Specifics of These Jobs

We’re looking to hire three new developers in this round. All three will work in support and applications. They will help our clients build complex sites using Views, Types and WPML. Sometimes, this help includes answering a couple of simple questions. In other times, it means working together with the client, to produce fully working code.

When there’s the tiniest sign of bug, we need to reproduce it, investigate and fix. We expect our support people to do this.

Although we work flexible hours, we tend to keep to 9 hours per day, 5 days per week. We respect national holidays and give additional vacation days.

Referral Commission

If you’re perfect for this job, we want you. If you know someone else who might be it, let us know.

We’ll pay you $500 (USD) when the person you referred is accepted.