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Today, we completed a long test cycle for WPML and the Domain Mapping plugin. The bottom line, with the current versions of WordPress, WPML and Domain Mapping, everything is working for us.

The Domain Mapping and WPML tutorial include complete, step-by-steps for you to follow. There’s also a small patch for Domain Mapping, making it work correctly with WordPress 3.3.

Domain Mapping Configuration

Domains list

Domain Mapping is a pretty complex plugin. Just like WPML, it also manipulates the URL rewrite rules for WordPress.

Domain Mapping works on the ‘domain’ part, while WPML works on the ‘page’ page. Theoretically, there should be no interaction between the plugins and we were happy to confirm that, using WordPress 3.3.

You’re welcome to leave comments here. For complete tech support, I suggest opening threads in our technical support forum.