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Did you know that WPML has been compatible with Avada since 2013?
Let’s see what is changing with WPML 3.7 and how we save you precious time.

Previously, to translate a page built with the Fusion Builder, you had to rebuild it for every language shown on your site. Four years later, it’s safe to say that we have reached a significant milestone when it comes to the translation process experience with Avada:

  • Only the textual elements of the Design Elements are shown, making the translation process easier.
  • Side-by-side view of these original textual Elements and their translations.
  • No need to duplicate the page under each language.


Avada and WPML Translation Editor
Translating a page built with Avada using WPML Translation Editor


It looks much more convenient, doesn’t it?

Other good news is that it also works with Avada demo-content. All the text you create based on these demos will be shown in this Translation Editor too. This includes all custom post types from Avada such as the FAQ’s or Portfolio sections.

Finally, check out the full documentation we wrote about how to translate Avada using WPML.

Get in touch with WPML

We have told you a lot about us, now it’s time to hear from you. Have you ever used WPML Translation Editor with Avada? Are you thinking about going multilingual?

Use the comments section to share your projects and your thoughts. We are always happy to know more about you.

For the newcomers, try WPML for 30 days. If you don’t like it, let us know and we’ll promptly refund your order.