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Over the coming months, we plan to develop the ability to configure WCML settings based on the location of your customers. To be sure we are developing useful features, we need to hear from you!

Changing the currency configuration

The first step in this new location-based logic will be the ability to display specific currencies based on a customer’s country.

Until now, shop owners have been able to set which currencies are displayed in each language.

With the next WCML update, you will be able to display currencies according to a customer’s location instead. You will be able to do this in two ways:

  1. Change your settings to show currencies based on a customer’s IP address or billing address, if logged in.
Showing currencies based on customers’ locations

2. Continue to show currencies based on the customer’s language, but specify which currency to use as each language’s default based on a customer’s location.

Choosing default currency based on customers’ locations

We designed this new option to help shop managers who We designed these new options to help shop managers who would like to implement a pricing policy or enforce certain currencies for customers based on their location.

  • Enforce certain currencies for users based on their location or billing address.
  • Implement a pricing policy based on location.

For instance, you can decide to set a higher price for someone in the US (paying in USD) rather than for clients in the UK (paying in GBP). You can set it so that customers won’t see the prices in the other country’s currency, even though both customers speak English.

Future plans for country-based features

This is just the first step in being able to customize settings based on a customer’s location. We plan to develop additional features based on the feedback you provide.

Some potential features for development:

  • Shipment options based on country
  • Payment options based on country
  • Product prices based on country

We want to hear from you!

Do you plan to use this new functionality, or will you continue to operate your store based on language? Which upcoming features would be the most useful for your business, and how will you use them? Is there a country-based feature you need that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments.

How can we make WPML better for you?

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