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Several bugs and issues in WPML have been already reported,
for some of them we have prepared workarounds:

Go to Known Issues page
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回應 文章 新鮮度
WPML is telling me that it has a broken table that needs fixing 1 2 3 5 6 7

發表人: Amir

38 130 1 日, 3 小時前


Unable to set german language as default with two different domains

發表人: albertV-10

2 5 3 分鐘前


Some strings reverts to default language and does not translate

發表人: Anel Turkanovic

3 18 6 分鐘前

 Anel Turkanovic

From the english translation the link switches over to the original language

發表人: georgO-4

2 3 7 分鐘前


Renewal complete order email does not translate the title

發表人: davideP-2

2 4 9 分鐘前


Product Attributes are not showing on English version

發表人: anthonyL-4

2 7 9 分鐘前


Product edition

發表人: tomaszK-20

2 13 10 分鐘前

 Carlos Rojas

wp job manager compatiblity

發表人: filippoM-5

3 9 14 分鐘前


Order completed email sends out in admin language

發表人: Johannes

3 8 15 分鐘前


Refresh found strings in strings translation

發表人: ariela-2

2 2 17 分鐘前


Translations fields not working with Elementor

發表人: wayneR

3 5 21 分鐘前


Profile page is not translating

發表人: Kathryn

2 9 26 分鐘前


No Commercial tab

發表人: jonathanS-28

2 3 31 分鐘前


WPML Translation Management is enabled but not effective. Please finish the inst

發表人: jennyC

1 1 31 分鐘前


Activating String Translation results in a white screen of death

發表人: Tjeerd Havinga

2 4 36 分鐘前


My website keeps redirecting me to the english version.

發表人: georgiZ-2

2 3 37 分鐘前


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