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ShortPixel Image OptimizerWP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, CacheAutoptimize
ShortPixel Image OptimizerWP-Optimize - Clean, Compress, CacheAutoptimize

ShortPixel Image Optimizer is a lightweight plugin that can compress all of your site’s images and PDF documents with one click and automatically resizes and rescales images as you add them.

WP-Optimize cleans your database, compresses large images, and caches your site. This optimizes your site and makes your site more efficient. A premium version includes multisite support, lazy loading, advanced optimization options, and more.

Autoptimize compliments other popular caching plugins and aggregates, minifies, and caches scripts and style files to optimize your site’s code. This can greatly improve your site’s speed, your search engine ranking, and your site’s user experience.

Pricing model
Plugin price$0-99$0-179Free
Date tested八月 9, 2021八月 31, 2020四月 27, 2021
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