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Today we released WooCommerce Multilingual version 4.9.0. This version includes the ability to set manual shipping rates for different currencies, a much-requested feature.

New feature: Custom shipping rates for each currency

Previously, WCML has only allowed users to set a manual shipping option in the default currency. Shipping prices in other currencies were calculated based on the default currency according to the exchange rate.

With WCML 4.9.0, you can now set custom shipping rates for each currency independently of each other. This will allow you to choose a shipping price that makes sense for you and your customers – no matter what the exchange rate is.


Shipping rates were based on the default currency

You can set shipping rates manually in each currency

WCML 4.9.0 Changelog


  • Manual shipping prices in secondary currencies


  • Fixed an issue with the product attribute slug language not updating after changing value.
  • Fixed an issue with missing numeric attribute values after translation using Advanced Translation Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with mini-cart total calculation when switching a currency.
  • Fixed an issue with out of stock variable products if “Show only products with custom prices in secondary currencies” option is enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where the WooCommerce Tab Manager custom tab translation from Advanced Translation Editor is not saved if the description field is empty.
  • Fixed a fatal error due to a 3rd party addon when sending an email
  • Added a filter for WCML_WC_Gateways::get_current_gateway_language(). This will filter the language for gateway strings (title, description, instructions).
  • Fixed an issue with non-synchronized WooCommerce Tab Manager global tabs while saving product translation via Advanced Translation Editor.
  • Fixed an issue with the tax label not updating after a change on the settings page.
  • Fixed an issue where the value of a custom attribute translation was overwritten on saving the original product.
  • Fixed an issue with overwritten composite data title and description in translation after updating the original product.
  • Fixed a js console error in the languages_notice.js file.
  • Added language filtering for WooCommerce dashboard stock widgets.


  • Fixed an issue with the creation of several memberships in the WooCommerce Membership plugin.

Download and Update

You will receive this update automatically to all your registered sites. You can also download and install it manually from your WPML account. Check our detailed guide that explains the process of building a multilingual WooCommerce site

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