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This release includes expanded currency exchange rate features, support for WooCommerce Analytics, and the ability to translate product reviews, plus a number of bug fixes.

New Currency Exchange Rate Services

If your store operates in multiple currencies, it’s important to stay up to date with exchange rates. With WCML 4.12, we’ve added two new exchange rate services to support a variety of currencies and automatically update the exchange rates on your site.

Exchange Rates API and Open Exchange Rates joins Fixer.io and currencylayer to give you a variety of options at reasonable price points. All of these services even offer free options up to a certain number of requests each month.

Read more about setting automatic exchange rates.

Translating Product Reviews

With WCML 4.12, shop managers now have better control over how product reviews are displayed in their online stores. You can now decide to display all reviews in every language by default or translate them.

Displaying a translated product review

Read more about translating product reviews.

Support for WooCommerce Analytics

When your store uses multiple currencies and payment gateways, it can be difficult to make sense of your store’s analytics.

WCML 4.12 adds columns to analytics reports and CSV downloads for language and currency, making it easier to track your sales. It also includes a number of fixes for known issues with multi-currency reporting and other bugs.

Viewing WooCommerce Analytics by currency

Bug Fixes

For a full list of compatibility and bug fixes, please see our changelog.

How to Install WCML 4.12

To download WCML 4.12, please be sure you are running WPML 4.4.11 or later.

We release new updates gradually. Once it’s available for you, you will receive this update automatically on your registered sites. If you want to update sooner, go to PluginsAdd New, click the Commercial tab and then click the Check for updates button.

Manually installing WPML plugin updates

You can also download and install it manually from your WPML downloads page.

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