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May 23, 2022

If your customers leave product reviews in different languages, you can show reviews in all languages or only reviews written in the selected language. You can also translate product reviews via String Translation.

By default, WooCommerce Multilingual only shows product reviews created in the currently selected language. This means if a customer is viewing a product in English, they will only see reviews left in English unless they click the link to Show reviews in all languages.

By default, you have to click Show reviews in all languages to view all reviews

If your product doesn’t have many reviews in a specific language or only has bad reviews compared to other languages, it may be helpful to show reviews in all languages by default.

To do this, go to WooCommerceWooCommerce Multilingual and click the Settings tab. Check the box in the Product reviews section to show reviews in all languages.

Enabling the option to show product reviews in all languages by default

Then, all product reviews will be visible by default, no matter which language your customer uses.

After changing the settings, reviews in all languages show by default

Translate Product Reviews

To translate customers’ reviews, go to WPMLString Translation. Filter by the wcml-reviews domain and add your translations. You can also search by product number to find reviews related to a specific product.

Translating a product review

Translated reviews are indicated on the front-end as (translated).

A translated review on the front-end

You can translate this (translated) string as well:

  1. Go to WPMLTheme and Plugins Localization and scan WooCommerce Multilingual for hard-coded strings.
  2. Go to WPML String Translation and do a text search for translated.
  3. Add your translations.
Translating the indicator that a review has been translated

If you don’t see your translated product reviews on your site’s front-end, please be sure to turn on the setting to show reviews in all languages by default, as previously described. Otherwise, you will only see reviews that were originally created in the selected language.