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תוספי מפה מקלים על שיתוף המיקום של החנויות, האירועים והכתובות האחרות החשובים לעסק שלך. השתמש בפריסת מפה כדי לעזור ללקוחות שלך למצוא מיקום נוח עבורם. קבל מידע נוסף על התוספים המומלצים שלנו לקטגוריה זו בטבלה שלהלן והשווה את התכונות שלהם - שחלקן עשויות להיות זמינות רק בגרסאות Pro או Premium.

MapPress Maps for WordPressToolset MapsMaps Marker ProWP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps)
MapPress Maps for WordPressToolset MapsMaps Marker ProWP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps)

MapPress is one of the most advanced Leaflet and Google Maps plugins for WordPress.  It adds an easy popup map editor for both Gutenberg and the WordPress Classic Editor.  Other features include custom markers, clustering, location lists, templates, search, filtering, directions, and much more.

Toolset Maps adds maps functionality to WordPress. Together with Toolset Blocks, it allows to display items as markers on maps. This is great for real estate, directory and geo-location sites.

Maps Marker Pro is the most comprehensive & easy-to-use maps plugin for WordPress, allowing you to easily share your favorite spots and tracks. Use more than 1000 free, customizable marker icons and apply popup descriptions and images.

WP Go Maps makes it easy to add maps to your posts and pages using shortcodes. Right now, Marker data is not currently supported – this is expected in 9.1.

Pricing model
Plugin price$0-79€69-299€49-299$0-199.99
Date testedפברואר 2, 2024דצמבר 12, 2023אוגוסט 8, 2023יולי 5, 2022
Filter and sort locations
Choose from different marker icons
Cluster markers
Share live location
Integrates with Google Maps
Integrates with keyless geocoding
Adjust zoom level
Choose map display type (satellite, terrain, street view, etc.)
Display markers dynamically as new content is added
More about MapPress Maps for WordPressMore about Toolset MapsMore about Maps Marker ProMore about WP Go Maps (formerly WP Google Maps)

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