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Flexible Product Fields תואם WPML. תוסף זה נבדק באופן יסודי וניתן להשתמש בו לבניית אתרים רב-לשוניים ללא בעיות.

Flexible Product Fields

– פותח על-ידי WPDESK

גרסה 2.3.9

נבדקה לאחרונה בתאריך: אוגוסט 2, 2023

The Flexible Product Fields plugin expands WooCommerce product options with extra product addons.

It serves as a product page configurator, enabling users to customize products to their preferences. Users can easily create additional WooCommerce product fields in the management panel, offering various options for customization, including text fields, select and radio fields, color swatches, date product options, checkboxes for additional services, and more.

It is worth mentioning that the pro version of Flexible Product Fields plugin is also compatible with WPML.

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