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Type of work:

Add new features, Build a new site, Develop the functionality of the site, Give detailed consulting about a potential project, Help me develop something, Help writing content, Integrate with an external system, SEO, Update or fix an existing site, Visual design

Project size:
  • Agency/Enterprise

I can maintain sites

Site categories:

Blog, Brochure, E-commerce, Education, Membership

Favorite WordPress themes:


Project budget:

Minimum budget is 3000 USD

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In Limbic we have been dedicated to the digital marketing, web design and development for more than 12 years.

We specialize in making WordPress webs and more than 5 years ago we started using WPML and/or Toolset in our projects. After overcoming several challenges, we’ve become real experts.

As a company one of our priorities is our team, which complements and also required a great work. Let’s face it: a single person cannot know everything. That’s why we have experts in different areas, such as programming, design, Web analytics, content writing. and managers of projects that organize tasks, control results and listen to the client.

WPML user since: fevereiro, 2013

Contractor since: agosto, 2018