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We just released WPML 2.3.2. This new version is all about simplifying the things that you already did with WPML and ironing out issues that you reported in the past two weeks.

First, a quick announcement. WPML 2.3.1 was out last night. It had faulty interaction with several other plugins, causing crashes. We identified the cause of these crashes and they’re fixed in WPML 2.3.2.

Now, let’s get to the fun stuff. What’s new in WPML 2.3.2!

  • Real-time custom fields sync
  • Real-time category and taxonomy update
  • Translation for author fields
  • Smarter Admin language switcher
  • Simplified theme localization options
  • Full Support for all getText calls
  • Synchronization for publish date
  • Easy to resign translators

I wrote about all these in the Beta announcement. Head over there to read the full details of every change.

New in WPML — XLIFF interface

This release of WPML also includes a new module. It’s part of the Multilingual CMS package and is called WPML XLIFF.

XLIFF interface is great if you want to send translation jobs to professional translators, who have their own translation tools. This will allow your translators to use their existing translation software and work on your content offline.

When WPML sends the translators the new-job notification emails, they will also receive a ZIP file with everything to translate. They can translate with their software and then upload in one batch to WordPress.

If you’re working with freelance translators or with a translation service, tell them about the new XLIFF interface. I’m sure they’ll be thrilled by these news.

Read more about it in the page about translating with your CAT tools.

Getting WPML 2.3.2

As always, you can get new releases of WPML either from your Plugins Admin page, or manually by logging in to and going to the Downloads section.

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