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WPML 4.6.8 allows you to easily review translations of content belonging to languages you have hidden. It also brings some usability improvements and fixes a handful of bugs.

Simplified Review Process for Hidden Languages

Working with hidden languages allows you to prepare and review translations for your content before making them available on the front-end. 

Previously, you needed to enable an option that allowed users to review translations for hidden languages. WPML 4.6.8 removes the need for you to configure these additional user profile settings.

Now, your site admins, Translation Managers, and users added as a Translator can review translations for hidden languages right away.

Native WordPress Editor for Specific Translations

A consistent translation workflow makes it easier to manage your multilingual WordPress website and reduces the risk of overwriting or losing translations. But, it can be hard to remember how you created and translated different types of content, especially on large sites. 

To help you maintain translation consistency, WPML 4.6.8 defaults to the native WordPress editor for certain translation types. This includes imported translations and pages linked using the Connect with translations feature.

If you use professional translation services to translate your site’s content, clicking to edit the translations will open the Classic Translation Editor.

More Improvements and Fixes

WPML 4.6.8 introduces a new option to the migration wizard that allows you to mark your original site as an independent copy.

By default, when you move your site to a new URL, WPML automatically restricts adding or editing translations on the old URL. The newly introduced option allows you to use the Advanced Translation Editor and automatic translation features on both the new and old site URLs.

The migration wizard lets you mark your original site as an independent copy

This version of WPML additionally fixes issues related to:

  • An incorrect number of translation jobs displaying as in progress when all translations have actually been completed
  • The Preview not showing unsaved changes to a post or page

WPML 4.6.8 also resolves other bugs and glitches.

How to Update to WPML 4.6.8

As with all versions, we are releasing WPML 4.6.8 out in batches. If you want to update to it before it reaches your site, you can go to Plugins → Add New and click the Commercial tab. Then, hit the Check for updates button.

Don’t see the WPML update in your WordPress admin? Learn more about the gradual rollout process for WPML plugins.

Thoughts and Feedback

What do you think about the latest features and improvements in WPML 4.6.8? Which one will make the biggest difference to you? We’re eager to hear your feedback, thoughts, or any questions you might have.

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