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October 11, 2021

WPML allows you to hide one or more languages on the front-end. You can do this while you are still translating your site into a new language if you don’t want to show the site partially translated.

To hide a language on the front-end, go to the WPMLLanguages page and in the Hide languages section select all the languages that you want to hide. After selecting the languages click the Save button.

Hiding language on front-end

Sending Content to Translation for Languages That Are Hidden

To send content to translation for hidden languages you have to change some user profile settings for your translators first.

  1. Go to Users All Users and click Edit next to a user that you want to see hidden languages.
  2. Find the WPML language settings section and click the Display hidden languages checkbox.
  3. Click the Update Profile button to save.
Editing user profile settings

Now, you will be able to assign translation jobs for hidden language to this specific user.