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WPML is a great WordPress plugin as it can easily be integrated with any custom plugin programming or theme development. We decided to use this plugin as part of our «standard»-package as it is reliable and guarantees a very good user experience. This is especially important when you deal with a bigger website where there are multiple authors and editors.

Georg Meisenberger
19 октября, 2017

Congratulations! I just upgraded my account to lifetime support. It simply works and I had never problems. The price is really fair so I paid without a second thought.

Roman Aftantilidis
10 октября, 2017

I’ve been a user since 2013. I’ve enjoyed the plugin a lot, and have used it in sites I have developed. Recently I’ve upgraded to the Lifetime license, best choice I have made. Thanks for the great plugin! You can count on my support!

Shaun Nicholson
Shaun Nicholson
2 октября, 2017

I am very satisfied with WPML, thanks for this plugin.

veronique egloff
2 октября, 2017

As a web developers, we have built many websites in different languages with WPML. It is an awesome product in terms of user-friendliness, compatibility, and support. We strongly recommend WPML.

Director, APAC
2 октября, 2017

WPML is the only working multilanguage plugin for WordPress we trust and use. My company works with this plugin for a long time and recommends it all customers.

Helmuth Lammer mut[h]ual
Owner and Developer
18 сентября, 2017

One of my favorite plugins… I love it

21 августа, 2017

I am very happy with WPML. It works well and the cost is not excessive. I already bought my lifetime account. Congratulations 🙂

Rafael Rodriguez
17 августа, 2017

Thank you guys, you make my work better and easy.

Daniel Mariscal
18 июля, 2017

I like to work with companies like yours. I see that you deserve my trust. I’m fond of doing lifetime.


6 июля, 2017

Thank you for developing an amazingly powerful plugin. Couldn’t run a proper multilingual shop without it.

22 июня, 2017

This is a great tool for Multilingual WordPress.

Patrick Lau

19 июня, 2017

I use WPML for all my multilingual websites and I have loved it straight from the beginning. It makes my job so much easier and it impresses the clients when I can translate an entire website in a matter of minutes!

Michael Rubinstein
19 июня, 2017

It’s a great plugin and I have used it to set up a French site in parallel with my UK site. You should see the results. Many thanks for this great addition to WordPress.

Tony Weldon
19 июня, 2017

It is a simple tool to translate your website in WordPress, but it works perfectly. Really recommended!


19 июня, 2017

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