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It’s a great plugin with excellent compatibility with various themes and other plugins. Before, it was really hard because we needed to translate PO files, which sometimes caused problems when the plugin was updated. But with WPML, we can get all of it done easily with just one plugin, without having to worry about future updates of language files. For us, the ease of translating specific wordings in plugins was a game-changer. It’s now very easy to translate all strings, as well as pages and posts.

Kai Zacher
9月 15, 2023

I used to manually translate all my blogs from Spanish to English before I found WPML. It has been a big help! Duplicating a website just to manually translate all the text was incredibly frustrating. WPML is very easy to use and has saved me a a lot of time, allowing me to feel more relaxed in my job.

9月 14, 2023

I couldn’t find a practical multilingual plug-in before WPML. It was very annoying. However, WPML is easy to understand and it actually works 🙂 I was very happy to see that I can build a multilingual website with it. Now, I can offer a website in multiple languages and provide information accordingly.

8月 14, 2023

I was struggling with managing multiple language versions of my website. It was a time-consuming and error-prone process, which caused immense frustration. Instead of focusing on creating quality content for my website, I found myself spending more time managing translations. When I discovered WPML, I was able to successfully published my first post in multiple languages without any hassle, and it was a huge relief. WPML has become a significant time-saver, making my life much easier. WPML’s seamless integration with WordPress and the simplicity of managing translations directly from the dashboard sets it apart. It was unlike anything I had experienced before. With WPML, I can now concentrate on developing front-end multilingual themes and devote less time to managing translations.

Jaume Subirats
Web developer
7月 18, 2023

We used to have issues creating websites in multiple languages for our clients. It was a constant headache. Then we started using WPML. It’s easy to use and we realized it was working when our client became happy with the multilingual functionality of their sites. We feel relaxed now that the problem has been solved.

Faiq Ali
Web Developer
7月 12, 2023

We required a solution that could address diverse client requests and needs, rather than just solving one problem. We are positioned as a full-service agency and saying “no” or “unfortunately, that’s not possible” to our clients feels disingenuous. We realized WPML was the tool we needed when we were able to provide a multi-million-pound client with website functionality in France, Hong Kong, and Singapore. When they asked if that was something we’d be able to handle, we could say, “Yes, no problem”, because of WPML’s brilliant features. WPML’s features, functionality, consistent updates, and the tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes support set it apart.

James Welch
C.I.O (Chief Innovation Officer)
7月 3, 2023

Before we discovered WPML, we were struggling with the complex, tedious task of translating our English website into Dutch. It was error-prone and time-consuming, which led to confusion among our visitors and potential customers. We also had concerns about maintaining our visibility on search engines in both languages, as we didn’t have a reliable solution for multilingual SEO. The frustration was immense as we tried to manually translate our site, leading to potential customer confusion and a decrease in overall user experience. We were also worried about our online visibility due to SEO concerns, creating a sense of anxiety and uncertainty. The process was tedious, error-prone, and felt like an uphill battle. WPML was a revelation with its intuitive, efficient translation workflow, which made the process of localizing our content seamless and effortless. It also offered robust multilingual SEO compatibility, ensuring our visibility across search engines in both English and Dutch languages. Additionally, the exceptional customer support provided by WPML set it apart from any other solutions we tried. The moment of realization came when we saw our website flawlessly presented in both English and Dutch, with no translation errors or user confusion. We observed improved bounce rates, increased user engagement, and our site ranking high on search engines in both languages. It was a powerful moment, seeing the tangible benefits of WPML, which had transformed our website into a truly multilingual platform. Life after implementing WPML has been significantly smoother. We now have a seamlessly translated website that caters to both our English- and Dutch-speaking customers, improving their user experience and increasing their engagement. Our visibility on search engines has improved in both languages, leading to an increase in organic traffic. We’ve reduced time spent on translation and SEO issues, allowing us to focus more on our core business of providing quality pet care services.

Pavel Timofeev
6月 30, 2023

We wanted to expand to other languages but did not want to invest too much in development because we were just testing out our idea. We felt exhausted because we had no idea how to proceed from where we were at. WPML made our life a lot easier. We can scale fast, we can update stocks without taking too much time, it is simply brilliant. That moment when we realized WPML is solving our problem we felt so silly for not trying it before. In the past 3 months, we scaled to 4 new markets and we are planning to take over 6 more – everything in 2021! Thanks to WPML.

6月 27, 2023

We have a client in the healthcare sector who needed their offering to be translated into many different languages that their varied audience spoke. We tried numerous tools but either the automatic translation was terrible or they didn’t have all of the languages we needed in one tool. We found that WPML had the most accurate automatic translation and covered all the languages we needed. It was actually our client who helped us identify WPML as a solution because some of their clients tested the tool on their new website. Now, the client is happy, their audience is happy, and we are happy that we managed to solve the problem.

Grant Difford
6月 27, 2023

We needed to implement Spanish pages on our company website to make it accessible to our Spanish-speaking clientele. It was frustrating to find the right way of providing a Spanish bilingual and choose the most effective solution to our translation problem. What was different about and sold us on WPML was that WPML is tried, true, and here to stay. That kind of dependability is crucial for a website in a competitive industry like ours where downtime and poor performance are never good things. Plus, the ability to have WPML handle the translation is very valuable as well. I realized WPML was actually working to solve my problem when the translation was being handled flawlessly. We could quickly toggle between language pages. We are continuing to grow our website and the Spanish translation pages are integrated. The Spanish webpages have definitely helped us gain new business leads.

Aaron Winston
Strategy Director
6月 27, 2023

Before finding out about WPML, managing pages translation and keeping track of who translated what and when was terrible. I even resorted to spreadsheets in an attempt to control and manage translations. In a word, a nightmare. I felt WPML was designed to solve my very specific problems. When I took WPML for a spin and started using it, I was relieved. It gave me full control over my website translation management. For example, just allocating translation jobs to different users was a major task for me and very taxing on my time, and still not efficient enough. It was an ongoing frustration considering we translate from English to 10 other languages. Now I have full control of who does what, when, and how. What used to take hours from my time (managing translators, etc.) I can now do in a few clicks.

Taoufik Sabour
6月 27, 2023

Creating sites in multiple languages ​​is a challenge for my clients. I have tried pretty much every plugin and translation service for WordPress until I discovered WPML and understood the problem I had with the old ones: they just weren’t enough. I have had clients who have given up on internationalization because they did not have a viable and professional web translation option. WPML is the only truly professional WordPress software that offers everything you need for a completely multilingual site and the internationalization of businesses and projects. In multilanguage the rule is simple: translate everything. And WPML offers tools to translate all content, menus, taxonomies, etc. With WPML you can really translate all the content of a website, nothing is left to chance. Since I discovered WPML, there is no other option when it comes to creating a website in several languages ​​in a professional way.

Fernando Tellado
WordPress Development & Design Agency Owner
6月 27, 2023

We build WordPress sites for global businesses that serve audiences around the world. Some of our clients have 20 to 30 local country sites. We’ve tried many solutions and WPML is, without a doubt, the most comprehensive. It offers great flexibility whether you have native speakers providing translations or not. It works seamlessly for large multisite projects, and with ACF, and cookie management solutions.

Martin Coates
Technical Director
6月 27, 2023

We were having trouble managing our multilingual content before we discovered WPML. We had to manually create and manage translations for each piece of content, which was time-consuming and error-prone. WPML alleviated our pain points by automatically creating translations for us and delivering them to the correct language versions of our site. This saved so much time. WPML is different because it is a complete solution for multilingual sites. It includes everything you need to manage your translations, from creating the translations to delivering them to the correct language versions of your site. We were really impressed when we saw how easy it was to use WPML. It was so simple to set up and manage our translations with WPML, saving us a lot of time and hassle. Now that we’re using WPML, our lives are much easier. We don’t have to worry about managing translations manually anymore. WPML takes care of everything for us, and we’re very happy with the results. Thanks, WPML!

Nate Zuzemberg
Content Manager
6月 27, 2023

In terms of SEO, it was challenging to manage multilingual WordPress sites. Machine translation is not indexed and automatic solutions that enable indexing risk not being localizable. Updating content was time-consuming as changes had to be made to each language version. Thanks to WPML, it is possible to keep track of the status of translations. With WPML, it is possible to achieve indexing on various search markets, enabling fast and effective updating.

Paolo Margari
Digital Strategist
6月 27, 2023

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