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I needed a plugin to translate my website. I have tried the Poedit program but I really wasn’t satisfied with the solution. I then tried WPML and it was much simpler with regular updates. Translating a site to several languages is not the easiest problem. Things like the Hreflang Tags, or adding several languages into the navigation were difficult for me. With WPML, some of these difficulties disappeared.

Catta Rodolphe
25 августа, 2021

I didn’t know which plugin to use for creating a multilingual WordPress website. My concern was how much I’ll have to pay developers for this. Luckily, I decided to go with WPML. It is really easy to use for both the admin and translators. I had no idea that it is so easy to create a multilanguage website with few clicks. A new perspective, thanks to WPML!

Cochintu Cristian
6 августа, 2021

We needed to translate our site built with Divi. When trying different multilingual plugins, they all had some issues. TranslatePress doesn’t allow you to edit translations in the backend. Polylang is cumbersome in its manual way of dealing with menus and can not translate Divi. Lingotek is too expensive. And then, finding WPML was such a relief! Among all the must-have features, it also has menu syncing and allows us to translate Divi content automatically. We’re loving it and it’s a joy to use it.

11 февраля, 2021

We need sites in 4 languages: French, German, English, and Dutch. Even though I speak 3 of them fluently, translating specific Dutch idioms and technical jargon is demanding. The amount of time we would need to maintain all languages is enormous and takes too much time. We tried with services that use Google translate or similar services, but the output wasn’t usable. Correcting these bad translations or maintaining the sites manually was not a solution. WPML has auto-translation and manual translation on top of that. It also enables a lot of tweaking and settings to meet your needs. The translations have a high accuracy level and seem to look at context and language idioms. Obviously, the automatic translation will not beat a human translator, but looking at the cost aspect I consider WPML as a «must buy». I was flabbergasted by how accurate the translations were and how WPML looks at translations deeper in the code. I’m not a WPML expert and I guess I only tweaked a few settings, but it did the job. It can do probably more and better, but I need to do so much more on the ICT level that I’m happy that WPML takes care of these time-consuming tasks. Honestly, it does the trick, I don’t know exactly how, but I’m a happy user. As said, WPML saves me a lot of time. I mean, a lot of time. Being a small business owner you need to do so much on so many levels, that a tool that takes some of the time-consuming tasks away and delivers quality is gold. I still need 25 hours in a day, but it used to be more. 🙂

Rudi Klein
Owner, developer, designer, ICT guy
29 января, 2021

In the past, we couldn’t find a stable translation solution. We kept struggling with converting sites from one plugin to another. It was a waste of time and because these free plugins did not have support, it felt like starting all over again every time. Everything changed once we started using WPML. It is hands down the best tool for sites with multiple languages. The support has always been great which made it (since discovering it years ago) a breeze for us to provide clients with a multilingual site.

Sjoerd van Heummen
Head trainer and consultant
4 января, 2021

I’m a Danish logo designer and the market in Denmark is limited. Because my site often gets foreign visitors, I decided to have a multilingual website. This way, I can serve international customers. A quick search on Google got me convinced that WPML was without a doubt the plugin to go with. It took me less than a day to download, install, and translate my website and it was fairly easy (I thought it would have been a much larger challenge). I can only recommend WPML.

14 декабря, 2020

I’ve been using WPML for 5 years and have always enjoyed it.

Othman Bouchtaui
webiste developper
1 декабря, 2020

We develop websites for clients in several languages, and this is the best tool. It gives power, flexibility and speed in what we do, to get a well developed multilingual website online with less effort. Great support too. Thanks for the great work!

Arthur Wentzel
Developer and trainer
22 ноября, 2020

WPML is a very well-built and well-documented plugin that does exactly what it says it will, and more. I owned a translation agency for 10+ years so I know my way around the industry, workflows, file formats, etc. and WPML supports everything standard (TMX, bilingual files, etc.) Kudoz! My first choice for sure.

Laurent C.
21 ноября, 2020

WPML is the best WordPress plugin for website translation. Without WPML my life as a WordPress developer will be hard, WPML simply do what I need, make my site closer to any nation in the world. WPML plugin is simple to install, simply for configure, simple to use. Today every website owner wants to have a multi-language website especially when we speak about the webshop site. Thank you WPML team for making my life as a developer easier.

19 ноября, 2020

It’s easy to find on the internet how good is WPML, but I want to mention that I couldn’t believe it’s possible to have such support. This is the best of the best. 100 of 10. Huge respect for that!

Handmade dolls
2 ноября, 2020

We have been using it for websites for several years and we are very satisfied. Easy installation and setup with countless functions.

Tamas Rozovics
26 октября, 2020

Have you ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of Frodo and Bilbo? Or visit the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Maybe even ascend to find enlightenment at the Jedi Temple? Well, with Silverscreen Tours, now you can! And thanks to WPML, you can book your movie and TV tours with us in English and German. Due to the seamless integration of WMPL with WooCommerce, we able to create an online shop supporting multiple languages as well as multiple currencies.

Per Egil Roksvaag
Managing Parter
23 октября, 2020

WPML is a great tool to expand your business and your audience. The support is awesome and our development team is very comfortable using the plugins it offers. Great work guys, keep up serving quality code!

Antonis Rizopoulos
21 сентября, 2020

Our web development agency works with WPML to build the best multilanguage solution for our clients.

App Development Agency
8 сентября, 2020

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