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You are doing an amazing job — You have always been there to help us.

Konstantinos Xanthakos
23 декабря, 2016

This is a great plugin.

Michel Boger
19 декабря, 2016

It’s a very good plugin so keep up the good work 🙂

14 декабря, 2016

This is one of the good plugins I’m usually using on my own website and the websites we produce. Works well, support is also good. I wish WPML team a good luck!

Hovhannes Hovakimyan
CEO & Owner
14 декабря, 2016

I love WPML and I use it for all my multi-language WordPress sites. It’s really great. Remember to finish your website and then use the translate function. This is how I organize my workflow.

Peter van Nunen
5 декабря, 2016

It was a good year without any problems from your plugin, thanks!


24 ноября, 2016

WPML is simply….. GREAT!

Alessandro Canè
21 ноября, 2016

Every new version works better and the support keeps growing.

Maximiliano Mendieta
18 ноября, 2016

WPML works great and is an essential part of our service to our customers! Keep up the good work!

Thomas van Engelen
15 ноября, 2016

I do like the plugin, so after using it for more than two years, I decided to keep it forever! I like the timely updates and the functionality of the plugin.

Fernando Aranguiz
8 ноября, 2016

Very good plugin. I like it a lot.

luciano careddu
2 ноября, 2016

I love it, it easy to work with and no problems.

24 октября, 2016

The flawless plugin works perfectly fine. I tried a few but this is by far the best. Thank you, well done!

Gisa Janna Ekkel
24 октября, 2016

It really works!!

Noldo HR
24 октября, 2016

You can do anything with this plugin.

A-M M.
24 октября, 2016

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