Look for the Multilingual Ready icon on plugins before you purchase them.

This icon means that we tested the plugin and certified it. If you’re not sure, contact the author and refer them to our certification program.

Multilingual Ready WooCommerce Extensions

Many WooCommerce extensions work fine on multilingual sites. To make sure, we work with plugin authors and perform extensive testing. Then, we list those plugin here.

This page lists WooCommerce extensions. For a more general list of plugins that were tested with WPML, see the plugins compatibility list.

To use all these plugins, you will need WPML and WooCommerce Multilingual.

插件名称 兼容性
Advanced Flat Rate Shipping For WooCommerce Pro 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Advanced Flat Rate Shipping Method For WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Automate Woo 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Braintree For WooCommerce Free 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Canada Post WooCommerce Shipping 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Checkout Field Editor 通过WPML团队测试
Color Filters for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Conditional Woo Checkout Field 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
DIBS Form 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Dokan 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。, 通过WPML团队测试
Dynamic Pricing and Discounts for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Easy Checkout Field Editor 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Extra Product Options 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Flat Rate per State/Country/Region for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Genesis Connect for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容
GLS for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Improved Variable Product Attributes 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
InstantSearch+ for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容
Kahanit Table Rate Shipping 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Klarna 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Mollie Payments for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Multibanco (IfthenPay gateway) for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
myPOS Virtual 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Order Delivery Date 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
PayPal Advanced 与WPML兼容
PayPal for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Per Product Shipping 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Print Invoices & Packing lists 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试
Product Enquiry Pro for WooCommerce 与WPML兼容, 经过WPML团队测试。 经作者确认,新更改不会影响兼容性。
Product/Review CSV Import Export 与WPML兼容, 通过WPML团队测试