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WPML Compatibility Program – Go Global

Helps theme and plugin authors make their products multilingual ready.

WPML Compatibility: More Sales, Easier Support

Make your themes and plugins multilingual-ready with WPML to tap into big markets in Europe, South America, and Asia, boosting your sales. This also simplifies support by solving complex language issues early, making things easier for your clients and reducing your support effort.

What It Takes for Themes and Plugins to be Multilingual-Ready

For your theme or plugin to be multilingual-ready, clients should be able to translate everything in their sites without having to read through documentation or go through complicated configurations.

WPML Compatibility team will help you create a configuration file for your product, which tells WPML important information about your product:

  • The custom fields, posts, and taxonomy that you use
  • Any custom elements that you’ve created (like custom Elementor Widgets)
  • Texts that you save in the Options table that appear on the site
  • and more…

It’s a simple XML configuration file that you’ll add to the root folder of your product. WPML will read this file and know which texts to translate. This file has no effect on sites that don’t use WPML.

The Process for Becoming Multilingual-Ready

  1. First, fill out the form below, so we can start working together.
  2. We’ll help you with a sandbox site and a review of your theme or plugin so that you know what’s needed.
  3. We’ll help you create the custom configuration file for your product. For themes and plugins that use more complex custom elements, we will suggest a few hooks that take care of custom HTML and JavaScript elements.
  4. Once your theme or plugin is working great with WPML, we’ll add you to our lists of compatible themes and plugins and announce it to our clients.

We can complete this entire process with you within a week or two.

Ready? Join the Go Global Program

If you’re a Theme or Plugin Author looking to make your product multilingual, apply to the Go Global program by filling out the application form below, and we’ll get in touch shortly.

Please note that this form is exclusively for theme and plugin authors; WPML clients facing issues with themes and plugins should use our technical support for assistance.

January 8, 2024