تخطي الملاحة

You can link a page that is a translation of another page using the Connect with translations feature.

To link a translation:

  1. Edit your translated page.
  2. Expand the Language section and set the language of your page. Then, switch to WordPress Editor, and in the popup that appears, leave the selection at This Post. Click Apply.
Switching to WordPress editor
Setting language of page and switching to WordPress editor
  1. Next, click on Connect with translations. A popup will appear. Search for the page you want to link to and click Ok.
Clicking connect with translations
Clicking connect with translations
  1. Another dialog will appear. Check the box if you want to set the current page as default language. In our example, we’ll uncheck the box since our default language is English and this post is a French translation.
Option to set current page as default language
Unchecking the box to set French as original language of post

Once done, your pages will now be linked as translations of one another.

post in English
Post in English
post in French
Post in French