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Per Product Shipping


Extension Description

Per product shipping allows you to define different shipping costs for products, based on customer location.

Fixed Issues

A wpml-config.xml file was added to this plug-in, as well as a filter that allows you to put the product in the correct language when trying to match for the corresponding shipping rule.

Setting Shipping rates

When editing a product, some new options will appear under the “Shipping” tab. From here, the user will be able to select the “Per-product shipping” option and add as many shipping rates as he/she wants. These rates will be applied only for this specific product.

Setting Shipping rates
Setting Shipping rates


When a user adds a product with “Per-product shipping” rates to the cart, a new shipping method will appear, displaying the proper rate. This rate will be also converted to the current currency if the multi-currency option is enabled in WCM.

Shipping Rates on Frontend
Shipping Rates on Frontend




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