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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.14

Topic Tags: Bug

Overview of the issue

The original product has all the WooCommerce product fields locked as if it were a translation instead of the original. The happens when:

  • You have a WooCommerce shop with more than 2 languages.
  • You create a product in a secondary language and translate it using WPML’s Translate Everything feature.


If you encounter this situation, please open a chat in our support forum and share this erratum link. One of our specialists will be happy to help you.

4 返答 へ “WooCommerce product fields in default language are locked”

  1. Hi,
    I recently bought a Blog license.
    I wan to translate all post and pages, but keep woocommerce only in English.
    Every time i resubmit the xml sitemap to google search console I receive: product-sitemap.xml unable to retrieve sitemap and all my products receive a noindex tag in google.

    in Post Types Translation I have set all the product related fields to not translatable:

    Products (product)

    Variations (product_variation)

    Orders (shop_order)

    Refunds (shop_order_refund)

    Posts (shop_order_placehold)

    Posts (pys_event)

    Contact Forms (wpcf7_contact_form)

    Views (pt_view)

    And in Taxonomies Translation I have set the following to not translatable:

    Themes (wp_theme)

    Template Part Areas (wp_template_part_area)

    Product type (product_type)

    Product visibility (product_visibility)

    Product categories (product_cat)

    Product tags (product_tag)

    Product shipping classes (product_shipping_class)

    Can you please help?


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