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TeamBooking は、WPMLとの互換性およびパートナーシップを継続する推奨プラグインです。 TeamBooking はWPMLとの完全互換性を示します。


– 開発者 VonStroheim

バージョン 3.0.12

テスト最終日: 5月 11, 2023

Team Booking interfaces directly with Google Calendar to create and manage bookings. Set your available time slots in Google Calendar to have them show up on your site. When a client books a slot, your calendar is automatically updated.

Clients can book services or events using the calendar view, complete a form, or choose from a list of upcoming available appointments to book. You can also add employees or coworkers to manage available staff for appointments.

Team Booking works with PayPal and Stripe to process payments, sends customizable emails to clients, and shows event locations on a map.


このプラグインとWPMLの間に未解決の互換性問題はありません。 すべての既知の問題を検索。