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We have been building multilingual websites for our customers with WPML for years and are extremely satisfied with them. We recommend WPML to everyone!

Andrea Di Rocco
1月 24, 2019

We are a full-service Digital Marketing Agency, specialised in Internationalization. We use WPML on many of our customers, to reach users around the world. It’s an amazing tool to use, with real support.

1月 24, 2019

We use WPML on our website since 2018. Through our software for tagging photos, we know the difficulties of multilingualism. We changed from another tool to WPML and are 100% convinced. We can recommend it to any WordPress user.

Boris Eberlein
1月 23, 2019

We’re using WPML extensively in order to serve our international website that’s in English. As a developer that’s working for a market research company, WPML is the perfect choice for our online business when it comes to multi-language site properties.

Alex Cimpoca
Digital Genie
1月 17, 2019

I use WPML on all my websites without hesitation, I consider it the best option, without a doubt, for translation. Besides, if you have any questions, their support team is the best.

12月 4, 2018

WPML enables our company to scale its productivity. We can make higher margins on multilingual website development. Their support is fast and comprehensive. We are fully satisfied with it!

Mirco Babini
十一月 26, 2018

WPML is the best solution for my multilingual WordPress websites, I love this plugin! It’s super user-friendly and can do anything! All the difficult tasks in translation get easy with WPML.

十一月 19, 2018

WPML enables us to easily solve complex language issues in WordPress, and ultimately, reach a larger user base.

Lead Developer
十一月 6, 2018

WPML helped me to translate my website to Arabic and it is a good plugin for WordPress websites.

Maid albahbahani
10月 31, 2018

WPML is one of the best WordPress plugins EVER. I couldn’t imagine my life without this plugin. Thank you for your Hard Work.

10月 29, 2018

We use WPML and recommend it to our customers to build and develop their online stores using WooCommerce.

10月 3, 2018

We create custom WordPress solutions for our clients and WPML makes translations easy and powerful.

10月 2, 2018

We are a web design company. We are using a lot of translations and WPML is the best solution for our projects with WordPress.

Diseño web
9月 25, 2018

I’ve been looking for an easy and efficient way to make my family travel website bilingual. This is how I found WPML, 7 months ago. I’m not tech savvy, so it was a pleasure to find out that it is very easy to set up, equally easy to use. I’m impressed so far, huge thanks to everyone at WPML for making it possible!

Szilvia Molnar
Owner, author
9月 4, 2018

WPML was my tool for making my website multi-lingual and the results were almost instant. In one day I was able to advertise my website on different foreign sites now, and my traffic spiked up.

Bacila Andrei
8月 28, 2018

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