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Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Germany, Bulgaria, Belgium, Slovakia

Skrivanek helps businesses in reaching new foreign clients and partners by providing trusthworthy language solutions. Our specialists also have relevant experience in SEO and SEM, essential in maximizing traffic and return on marketing investments.

Начало работы с Skrivanek

To send the content for translation to Skrivanek, please ensure that you have the following plugins installed on your website:

  • WPML Multilingual CMS — the core plugin
  • WPML Translation Management — this plugin will allow you to connect to Skrivanek.
  • WPML String Translation — this plugin will allow you to translate interface strings

You can download them from your account. If you do not have an account yet, you can create a new one by choosing WPML Multilingual CMS or Multilingual Agency plans.

Skrivanek will be available on the  Translation Services tab found on the WPML -> Translation Management page. This page is available only after registering WPML. The entire process takes a few minutes.

If you need any help with the WPML plugin configuration, go through our getting started guide or simply ask a question on our support forum.

To connect WPML to Skrivanek, all you need is the API Token.

Go to WPML -> Translation Management to select your translation method. Click the button Yes, show me the available translation services.

Selecting translation method

Find Skrivanek on the list of translation services and click Activate.

In the next screen, select whether you already have a Skrivanek account or need to register.

If you have an account, click Yes, I already have an account and enter your token on the following screen.

Requesting an account

If you clicked No, I don’t have an account, you can request an account and your API Token by visiting Skrivanek’s Token page.

Once you have your API Token, go to the Translation Services tab on the WPML -> Translation Management page. There, enter your API Token to authenticate Skrivanek.

Congratulations! Your Skrivanek account is now connected to your WordPress website.

Sending content for translation

Now, you are ready to send content for translation. For detailed steps, please visit our dedicated documentation page.

Receiving a quotation and authorizing your translation

Once your translation basket has been transmitted, Skrivanek will be notified immediately and will proceed to carry out detailed analysis and quoting of the batch.

Skrivanek will email you a detailed quote for the batch, with terms and conditions of business and simple instructions on how to authorize the translation.

Receiving completed translations

As soon as a translation job is finished by Skrivanek, it will be ready to be delivered to your website.

Depending on your configuration, translations will be delivered automatically or can be manually fetched from your WordPress admin panel.

To check your configuration, go to WPML -> Settings, locate the Translation Pickup mode section and verify the selected option.

Select translation delivery method
Checking translation delivery method

When automatic delivery is selected, translations will be delivered to your website automatically as soon they are complete. At any time, you can check the status of translation jobs.

If you choose the option to fetch translation manually, you can download completed translations from the WPML -> Translation Management page. Click the Check status and get translations button at the top of the page.

Canceling translation jobs

If for any reason, you want to cancel the translation of the pages sent from WPML to Skrivanek, bear in mind that:

  • You cannot manually delete or cancel jobs from the Translation Jobs tab on your website.
  • The project can be canceled only by Skrivanek. To do this, please contact Skrivanek directly.

Depending on your Translation Pickup mode configuration, the cancellation request can be sent to your website automatically through XML-RPC. Otherwise, you must click the Check status and get translations button on the Translation Dashboard tab to refresh the status and see the changes.

As a result, WPML will remove all canceled jobs from the Translation Jobs tab.

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5 stars оценка перевода

Very good communication, translation very good

Everything went very smoothly and the quality of the translations were very good. Good communication.

Pascal Trouvé


5 stars оценка перевода

Bezproblemowa współpraca przy tłumaczeniu strony na język ukraiński

Zdecydowanie polecam usługi biura w zakresie tłumaczeń stron www. Zespół jest kompetentny i w pełni przygotowany do współpracy z agencją tworzącą stronę. Team Skrivanek wykazał się nie tylko na polu tłumaczenia, ale także znajomości narzędzi, które ułatwiają stworzenie obcojęzycznej wersji językowej strony www. Wszystko zostało wykonane z należytą starannością i zachowaniem terminów. Dziękuję za rzetelną pracę!!!

5 stars оценка перевода


Wykonana przez firmę Skrivanek usługa tłumaczenia strony internetowej została wykonana szybko i profesjonalnie a tym samym w pełni spełniła nasze oczekiwania.

Wiesław Reguła


5 stars оценка перевода

Together we made it! We launched a new KRONUS website!

It took us more than a year to create it, and together we have overcome challenges that we didn’t even think might ever appear. What has been done? 🎉 Developed from scratch on WP for easier content management 🎉 Integrated it with our CRM to serve our valuable customers faster 🎉 Entirely re-worked texts & most of the visual content 🎉 Translated content to 14 languages Thanks to all involved for your input: ➡ the most incredible team of web developers from GeeksForLess Inc.: VP Victor Ivanovskyi, Project Manager Valery Goncharuk, Back-End Developer Denys Dombrovskyi, Front-End Developer Irina Kavun, QA Anastasiia Kravchenko, Graphic Designer Pavel Poloskov, who continued the work in the most horrible WAR conditions in Ukraine. A great job is done, fantastic #teamwork, 24/7 support, and — on top of the cake — a wonderful sense of humor no matter what! May the force be with you! 💙💛 ➡ our translation agency Skrivanek Baltic, part of Skrivanek Group: Karina Kovalova, Arturs Peha, Dana Laizane ➡ my team: Eba Jokste-Lāce & Pavel Judakov, who jumped on this fast-running train this summer, had to learn content & web management under deadline pressure, created content, and did a lot of sometimes boring but very crucial work for this project! And my manager Artjoms Minajevs for your patience and support. ➡ KRONUS Sales, Marketing, IT, HRD, Quality, and Support department colleagues, for your input and valuable feedback! There is still much work to be done, but a webpage is like renovation; it is never ready and never perfect 😊 I am sure we can manage it all with a team like this!

Diana Smirnova


5 stars оценка перевода

Translating website into Lithuanian

We are using WordPress with WPML for all our company websites and once we were considering localizing the page in the Lithuanian language, there was no doubt we should do it via the WPML plugin. Thanks to the Skrivanek Poland team for the great support in localizing our page. Our case was more complicated as we wanted to localize the page, not from the default language which is Latvian, but English as the main page.

Evita Liduma


5 stars оценка перевода

Great and reliable

We have done translations with Skrivanek several times and always it was very good. They have not only great translators, with native speakers but what is maybe more important very good customer service.

Adam Grabiński


5 stars оценка перевода

Quality of service at the highest level

Professional and fast translation service — we recommend cooperation with Skrivanek Sp. z o.o. — the quality of service at the highest level. CCIG Group Sp. z o.o.

5 stars оценка перевода

Quickly and efficient!

The translation was carried out very quickly and accurately. Zero questions 🙂

5 stars оценка перевода

Translation was fast, accurate with good price and team is helpful!

I can totally recommed Skrivanek services! We were making 4 languages translations and everything was made fast, very accurate with good price! 2 of languages are not common but its not problem for Skrivanek. We had some issues on our site and Skrivanek helped us to fix it.



5 stars оценка перевода

I recommend Skrivanek

Very efficient service and technical support!

iamelectric Sp. z o.o.


5 stars оценка перевода

Great to have a business with!