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This message appears when the size of WPML is larger than what your hosting company allows for uploads. To overcome this issue, use the OTGS Installer.

How to upload WPML with the OTGS Installer?

The OTGS Installer is a plugin that allows you to install WPML plugins while avoiding any upload size limits.

To install WPML using the OTGS Installer:

  1. Go to Downloads and install the OTGS Installer plugin.
  2. Upload it to your site via Plugins Add new.
  3. Next, switch to the Commercial tab and click Register WPML.
Registering WPML using the OTGS Installer plugin

An input field for a site key will appear. Click Get a key for this site and complete the wizard on WPML. When done, copy-paste the key into the input field.

Getting a site key
Getting a site key

Once you finish registering WPML, a list of all available WPML plugins will appear.

WPML components available for download
WPML components available for download

To install the main components of WPML, download and activate the WPML Multilingual CMS and String Translation plugins.

Can I upload WPML to my site using a hosting control panel?

Yes, if your hosting company offers a control panel, like cPanel, Plesk, or Webmin, you can use its file manager to upload the WPML plugin into the ../wp-content/plugins/ folder.

Here’s how the File Manager looks like in cPanel.

Uploading WPML plugin using cPanel
Uploading WPML plugin using cPanel