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导入和导出插件允许您从电子表格或 XML 文件批量导入或导出数据。 这些插件扩展了WordPress的本机导入/导入功能。 在下表中了解有关我们为此类别推荐的插件的更多信息,并比较其功能 - 其中一些可能仅在专业版或高级版中可用。

WP All ImportWP All ExportWP Import ExportWordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro
WP All ImportWP All ExportWP Import ExportWordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro

WP All Import allows you to import posts, pages, WooCommerce products, taxonomy, and other custom fields and post types from CSV, XML, or Excel files. It also has options to export, migrate, and bulk edit your content.

WP All Export allows you to export your website’s posts, pages, or users into an XML or CSV file. Use WP All Export’s drag-and-drop interface to choose what data you would like to export as columns in your spreadsheet.

WP Import Export Pro supports multiple file formats, comes with powerful filters and allows you to import and export data in the background. You also get 19 add-ons with the Pro version (including the WPML add-on).

With WordPress Ultimate CSV, XML Importer Pro you can import or update your content from any XML/CSV file in one go. You can also import images in bulk from your desktop or from external URLs. This well-rounded tool also comes with export filters and lets you schedule imports or updates.


测试日期27 6 月, 202227 6 月, 202223 3 月, 202220 12 月, 2021
Flexible input and output formats (XML, CSV)
Support for different content types (taxonomy, WooCommerce products, images)
Large-file import with background processing
Schedule automatic imports and exports
Add filters or queries
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我们只推荐那些持续承诺与WPML兼容的插件。 上表中插件的作者定期与WPML团队密切合作,以确保您可以构建一个可靠的多语网站。

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