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I need to talk with Alejandro cause of knows my issues and resolved my issues some weeks ago. Please assign ONLY to Alejandro. Thanks. AndreaB-8
I feel each time that she is not listening well and searching to prove what I am wrong instead of trying to understand the pain at the first place. I don't appreciate the unwillingness of attitude. Hye-jinc
I want a specific support person. ReneD-20
She seems busy Demianv
She can't resolve my problem SaraB-8
Alejandro supported me very well in this issue AndreaB-8
Too slow MircoM-5
Laura did not understand my request and she was quick in closing the ticket and declaring this issue resolved. CristinaM-27
She closed my ticket without even looking at the issue. AlejandroA-19
She helped me to fix my last issue. StefaniaC-5

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