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How to find the Email with your Account Information

How to Download and Install WPML and Receive Automated Updates

Troubleshooting Registration

Updating WPML manually

Registering the complimentary Toolset Types plugin

How to install beta versions of WPML

Automatic WPML registration using PHP for easy moves between production, development, and staging

Any limitations on using WPML?

What hosting do you recommend for sites running WPML?

Getting a Fatal Error when activating

500 Error

How to deal with error messages about a broken table that needs fixing

WPML cannot access to register

Does WPML support machine translation?

Why can’t I use my own DeepL, Google, or Microsoft API key for automatic translation?

Why is my newly activated plugin not compatible with WPML?

How to get compatibility and translation information for the theme and plugins that power a site

ACF post object and page link fields not showing on the back-end of translated posts

Content is missing after install

Language Configuration Problems

Prevent performance issues with WPML

How to Debug Performance Problems

Texts Showing as – ???????

WPML Cannot Write MO Files for String Translation

Why aren’t the strings for the theme or plugin I developed showing in String Translation?

Why can’t I find the strings I want to translate on the String Translation page?

Why are the language controls missing on the WooCommerce Products page?

Why does the Shop page title not show up in the breadcrumb?

Why are flag sizes different from what I set in WPML?

The WooCommerce Stripe extension’s test message translation is not displayed

Why are admin strings untranslated in my site’s backend?

4 easy fixes before opening a ticket in WPML support

Opening a ticket in our forum

How To Provide Supporters With A Copy Of Your Site

How to provide debug information for faster support

How to translate URLs, shortcodes and HTML attributes using the Advanced Translation Editor

How to Translate Custom Types

How to Translate All Taxonomy Terms at Once

How to translate taxonomy slugs with WPML?

How to link already translated pages

How to generate a PO file for a plugin or a theme

How WPML reset works

How can I assign or change language code to existing content?

How do I make my theme multilingual?

How to Optimize MySQL Queries

Using String Translation with Default Language Other Than English

How to properly display language switcher in the sidebar of Twenty Seventeen theme

How to properly display language switcher in the footer of Twenty Seventeen theme

How to disconnect translations from the default language page or post

Can I bundle WPML with my themes?

Can I have a different Front or Post page per language?

Getting your tax invoice after buying WPML