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משוב עדכני מלקוחות

Marcos don't fixing issuess. I'm paying for supported plugin - and Marcos doesn't gave me a help. Jaroslaw
Nobody answers me ... I ask for help and it's been a long time since the last post. Ricardo Barrelas
Ahmed Ibrahim MuhammadF-2
No problem with Marcos, info states he is very busy at the moment. DimitriH-3
I've been working with Dražen Duvnjak who is familiar with this ticket. Can you forward this to him? (Nothing bothers me about Marcos at all! He's great!) Bill Lafferty
Didn't solve the issue. AndrewA-19
Trying to avoid helping by saying its our fault when we built the theme around wpml so it is compatible. AndrewA-19
Didn't solve original issue, found a fix myself. Julien
Just need anyone who understands the Brazilian Portuguese URL should be "/br/" instead of "/pt-br/". This should actually be default to WPML as I've reported long time ago. Fabio Fava
nothing it just seems Marcos is busy it says he has 6 questions when others have an average of .91 Adwin

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