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Ninja Forms は、WPMLとの互換性およびパートナーシップを継続する推奨プラグインです。 Ninja Forms はWPMLとの完全互換性を示します。

Ninja Forms

– 開発者 Saturday Drive

バージョン 3.7.2

テスト最終日: 2月 5, 2024

Ninja Forms offers a la carte pricing, which means you can purchase only the features you need. You can build dynamic, conditional, or even multi-step forms without coding and export the results via PDF, Google Sheets, or Excel.

Ninja Forms also integrates with email marketing, payment, or CRM services. Upgrade to a membership to also create forms to update user profiles, create posts, or create registration and login forms.

This plugin requires the Ninja Forms Multilingual glue plugin for full compatibility.


このプラグインとWPMLの間に未解決の互換性問題はありません。 すべての既知の問題を検索。