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We got a lot of requests to allow Views to work properly with any custom fields, regardless of which plugin they were created with (or no plugin at all). Well, please welcome Custom Fields Shortcodes.

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Custom Fields Shortcodes lets you insert shortcodes for any custom field, regardless of how it was created. With this, you can easily add custom fields to post content without any coding.

But the real power is revealed when you use it in conjunction with Views. Then, you can design entire sites, create complex layouts and display any content, without writing a single line of code.

To top this off, Custom Fields Shortcodes uses the field output API that other custom field plugins create. When this API exists (like for the Advanced Custom Fields plugin), fields output will go through it. Instead of just dumping the custom field value to the output, you’ll get the complex output that the plugin developer intended.

Custom Fields Shortcodes is free. You can get it, rate it and vote for it in the WP plugins repository:



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