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We are are happy to announce the recent integration of WPML and Translators Family, a Polish translation service with flexible rates.

Translators Family was founded in 2006 with the aim of providing top-quality translation and localisation services at affordable prices.

Translators Family does not claim to translate into all languages in the world. On the contrary, they specialize in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. In this way, they make sure their expertise and efforts are fully focused and their clients get excellent quality at lower rates. For multilingual projects beyond these languages, they cooperate with freelance translators or boutique agencies.

The range of services offered by Translators Family is equal to what is offered by larger companies (website and software localization, linguistic and technical editing, multilingual SEO, etc.), but thanks to their local touch and low profit margins, they can provide the same services at more competitive rates.

“I believe that the integration with WPML helps us have a much more attractive offer for our clients when it comes to website localisation.

This solution is a real lifesaver for us because the localization of WordPress websites is not always an easy task, technically. Now with the technical support of WPML, we can focus more on our linguistic work.”

Oleg Semetikov, CEO at Translators Family.

Their local experts will research keywords and adapt your content to boost your placement in search engines, as well as localising text so that it reads fluently – as if it were written from scratch in the target language.

A plan for every budget

Translators Family offers different translation packages depending on your requirements and budget:

Premium – Ideal for technical or highly specialized large projects.

Standard – Intended for translation of website materials, general documents, and for projects where  high-quality results at an affordable price is essential.

Basic – For simple texts/internal use: letters, general information documents, etc.

Their translation process includes five-step quality assurance and control based on ISO 17100:2015 (previously EN 15038), ISO 9001 and LISA standards for all plans, as well as the recommendations of numerous translators’ associations.


If you have a large website project or you are a returning client, you can always expect a considerable discount (up to 20%). When the text is highly repetitive or they have already translated a similar text for you, Translators Family offers a discount of up to 80% for repetitions.

Would you like to translate your WordPress website with Translators Family?  Simply activate it in WPML and get started. If you still don’t have WPML, purchase the Multilingual CMS and start translating with Translators Family.

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