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This release is completely compatible with WP E-Commerce, for multilingual shopping sites with WordPress.

Since WPML went commercial, running e-commerce sites was #1 on our list of priorities. Now, WPML and WPEC run smooth together, providing an unparalleled user-experience for site-developers, shop-owners and visitors.

Multilingual E-Commerce

To build an e-commerce site with WPML and WP E-Commerce, you’ll need:

  1. WPEC 3.8.6 or higher – get it from GetShopped.org
  2. WPML 2.3.4 or higher – login to your WPML account for download
  3. WPEC Multilingual – download from the button below


(updated Aug 8th)

Multilingual e-commerce sites have some unique requirements that can’t be found in either WPML or WPEC alone. For example, when visitors check-out products in any language, inventory and shipping must use a single version of the product. Or, when switching languages in the middle of the checkout process, everything must update together.

The glue plugin, WPEC Multilingual, takes care of these special requirements. It uses hooks and filters that the WPEC added for us and makes all this magic possible.

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements

Many of these fixes came as a result of debugging WPML with WPEC, as it got us into corner cases that we didn’t consider before. Other bugs were reported in the forum.

  • Incorrect URLs for certain custom post types in language switcher
  • Hide draft elements from the language switcher
  • Admin language switcher display position in WP 3.2.1
  • icl_link_to_element returns only published items
  • Fixed bugs in XML-RPC publishing for custom posts
  • Synchronize post dates between translations
  • Translation editor cannot change post slug after publishing
  • Custom field sync works with AJAX field update
  • Fixed a bunch of PHP warnings in certain configurations
  • Notification emails sent in the correct language of the recipient (not the sender)

Need Help?

For WPEC-specific issues, please post in the e-commerce section in our forum:


This helps communicate better with other folks who are running a similar setup as your.


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