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he did'nt solve my problem last time and thought it's admin strings while it's not MaryamO
He seems too busy StefanoP-26
Paola Mendiburu Jhon Velez
Didn't fix the issue. Told to wait for updates and still have this problem. AndrewT-8
Progress is slow. RichardB-60
I need a fast response since he seems to have a busy schedule LinaM-2
It is ok with Mihai, just Noman started to fix my issue. VaidaK-2
Nothing at all. Just want to talk with Noman. VaidaK-2
I do not mind communicating with Mihai, but I have started solving my issue with Noman, maybe it will be easier and faster for him to take a look at my problem again. VaidaK-2
Mihai Apetrei - is very good helper but I want to speak in Russian language. Александр Большаков

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