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helpful EmmanuelF-3
I hope he can help me to solve the issue since he knows the problem since the beginning JamesP-5
quick response and quite knowledgable DimitrisK-8
Mihai once helped me with a success IvanB-15
Hi Mihai, me again. Is there any issue with Slider Translation? It was working perfect on the Frontpage, with the German Text below the images and the Spanisch Text. Suddenly, there is only shown in Spanisch. When I go here to the String Translation, it is correct: Also, on Slide One on the customizer I set a Link, but in the String Translation is shown another. Is this a temporary Problem? I didn't install any plugins recently, so I don't understand where this comes from. An hour ago it was working perfectly. Thanks for your help, the access is still the same, if you still have it. Best regards Carmen CarmenD-4
He was very fast and helpful last time so i think we'll be able to fix our issues in no time :) MagnusS-9
well prepared Raffaellog-3
he answer the question exactly that i need and help untill i fixed the problem KamranS

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