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Today we released WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8. These patch releases come with fixes to multisite setups with more than one translator and issues related to using the latest version of String Translation with WordPress 6.3.

What Does WPML 4.6.6 Fix?

Your feedback after the WPML 4.6.5 release was crucial and helped us fix an issue related to the missing translator list in Multisite setups.

On a Multisite setup, updating to WPML 4.6.5 resulted in the list of Translators found on the WPML → Translation Management page to disappear.

There was also an issue with reusing string translations in the Classic Translation Editor.

WPML 4.6.6 fixes both of these issues.

Fixes Included in String Translation 3.2.8

String Translation 3.2.8 fixes a couple of issues that arise when using the previous version of String Translation with WordPress 6.3. These include:

  • Performance problems on WordPress 6.3 when using String Translation 3.2.7

In specific cases, String Translation could repeatedly translate strings from the default domain, exhausting memory and leading the server to respond with a 500 Internal server error.

  • Issues displaying translated strings on the front-end with String Translation 3.2.7 on WordPress 6.3

Sometimes, even when a string was translated to all secondary languages, it would display as translated on the front-end for only some languages. For others, the default language string was shown.

How to Get WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8

We’re rolling out WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8 gradually. To get them right away, navigate to Plugins → Add New on your site, click the Commercial tab, and hit Check for updates.

If the updates aren’t visible immediately, check again later as it may take some time to propagate them to all WPML-powered websites.

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