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Today we released WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8. These patch releases come with fixes to multisite setups with more than one translator and issues related to using the latest version of String Translation with WordPress 6.3.

What Does WPML 4.6.6 Fix?

Your feedback after the WPML 4.6.5 release was crucial and helped us fix an issue related to the missing translator list in Multisite setups.

On a Multisite setup, updating to WPML 4.6.5 resulted in the list of Translators found on the WPML → Translation Management page to disappear.

There was also an issue with reusing string translations in the Classic Translation Editor.

WPML 4.6.6 fixes both of these issues.

Fixes Included in String Translation 3.2.8

String Translation 3.2.8 fixes a couple of issues that arise when using the previous version of String Translation with WordPress 6.3. These include:

  • Performance problems on WordPress 6.3 when using String Translation 3.2.7

In specific cases, String Translation could repeatedly translate strings from the default domain, exhausting memory and leading the server to respond with a 500 Internal server error.

  • Issues displaying translated strings on the front-end with String Translation 3.2.7 on WordPress 6.3

Sometimes, even when a string was translated to all secondary languages, it would display as translated on the front-end for only some languages. For others, the default language string was shown.

How to Get WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8

We’re rolling out WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8 gradually. To get them right away, navigate to Plugins → Add New on your site, click the Commercial tab, and hit Check for updates.

If the updates aren’t visible immediately, check again later as it may take some time to propagate them to all WPML-powered websites.

Share Your Feedback

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21 Responses to “WPML 4.6.6 – Fixes for String Translation and Multisite Setups”

  1. HI, I notice one problem with translation country flags alt text missing, i hope you will solve this problem in new update..

    • Hi, Mohammad! Thanks for bringing this up. Did you report this in our support already? I will let our development team know about it but it’s always faster and easier for them to debug such issues when they have a case to investigate and confirm the issue. If you have it, please share you ticket about this. Thank you!

    • Hi again, Mohammad! I wanted to give you an important update on this one – what you mention is not a bug, it’s actually by design to improve accessibility for screen readers. This only happens if you enable the flag together with the language text. Since the text is already defined, a screen reader would end up getting the information twice. This will not cause any SEO issues or have any other downside to it, it’s fine.

  2. Hi,

    Indeed we have many performance issues, speed issues, loading issues, updates not taking into account (text, URL, editor updates…) etc. on the French version on our website since we translated our website in French through WPML.

    We do not see any commercial tab and are therefore not able to make the updates to get WPML 4.6.6 and String Translation 3.2.8

    It’s kind of urgent to know how to do so because we have marketing campaigns running toxards the french version of our website.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi! I’m sorry about the issues you are having. I obviously haven’t seen your website but what you’re describing sounds like a technical issue on your site. Did you already report this to our support? If so, can you please share the ticket here? If not, I suggest doing so because contacting our support is the fastest way for you to resolve issues like this. If needed, our supporters can safely look into your site and see what’s causing these problems. You can start a chat or a ticket here:

  3. I notice no difference in my site, maybe a little little better in some cases, but I still have a big performance issue due to your plugins. I’m sure about htat beacuse if I disable the site works a lottle better, in addiction query monitor analyze your query and even if I have a dedicate machine only for the DB, your query in job and translation table run for 30seconds, in some cases also for 2 minutes in the admin page.
    I’m very worried about that beacuse is almost half an year that I have this issue. I cannot enable automatic tranlsation in the site, it’s veryslow know and I pay lot of money to translate all 17000 products in 5 language and also I paid dedicated developer team to try to solve that. I spent thousand and thousand euros and time between development, translations and people to help about. The store owner is angry with me. Noone was able to help about that.
    I didn’t know what to do to solve.

    • Hi, Daniele, I’m really sorry to hear about the issues you’re having with your site. Please, if you already raised this in our support, share the link to the ticket here so I can take a look. If you haven’t yet, then please create a new ticket in our forum and share it here. We take performance issues very seriously and if there’s an issue, we want to solve it asap. But I (we) need to see the issue first and investigate to understand what is causing the issue. Often, it can be some 3rd-party plugin that is causing the problem, not WPML (yes, the problem can go away if you disable WPML but that doesn’t mean WPML is necessarily causing it).

      • This is the ticket, I share credential to access to the site if you want inside the ticket. I only shut down the staging site because no one used it so I delete the instance in aws server to not pay more, also because since the ticket start multiple plugin and things are updated now.
        I would like to share some more information. I’m a freelance developer not so skilled in PHP and WordPress so I develop something and for these issue I hired multiple developers and agency in Upwork. No-one was able to solve it. As me, the last agency (Synapse), after lot of analysis, think that the issue seems to be in wpml. In the staging site I tested to disable multiple plugins before say that. I’m open to think different but at the moment I’m not able to do that.
        Also query monitor shows that every query where WPML table are involved in the admin pages are so slow. It improved only disabling WPML plugins.
        I also installed Redis and wp-rocket to have the best cache possible in the site, but admin pages is not improved.

        • Hi, Daniele, thank you for sharing the ticket and more information. The last update from Bobby (supporter handling the ticket) mentions the fix for this issue was pushed back to the next WPML release. Let me double-check with him which release it is supposed to be and get back to you.

        • Hi again, Daniele! I just checked with Bobby and the developers. They are working on the fix for this already but it requires more time and very detailed testing. Because of this, they have allocated this fix to the next major version which will be WPML 4.7. At this time, I don’t know when that release will go out.

  4. When I updated the WPML and ACF plugins I got an alert and it made me update all my registrations (custom post). Before the update, most of the fields were set to automatic translation, I only have 5-6 fields that I translate manually.
    Now since it’s forcing me to update the post, it’s asking me to translate every filed label, filed choices, which I don’t want to do.
    I will spend a lot more time and credit by doing so. Can you help me with this problem? I don’t want to translate labels and field choices, but only the fields that I set to manual translation.
    when I create a new registration (post) the translation is the same as in the old version. It asks me to translate only 5-6 fields that I have set to manual translation.
    While for all existing old registrations/posts it asks for an update.

    • Hi Jovana,

      As of ACFML 2.0, all field labels and field choices are included in post translation jobs. If you don’t want to translate field labels and field choices, you can add the ACFML_EXCLUDE_FIELD_GROUP_STRINGS_IN_POST_JOBS constant to your wp-config.php file.

      If this doesn’t solve your issue or if you encounter any other issues with the way the ACFML update works with your field setup, you can start a chat or open a ticket in our Support forum. Our team will be able to look into your issue and provide you with the solution for your specific field setup and settings.

      • Hi,

        Thank you for the information. I will try to include this feature in wp-config.php
        is there a possibility to turn off the notification that keeps coming for translation updates? Every time I load the page, next to each post there is a circle with arrows for updating the translation, instead of a pencil for editing, as it was before the plugin update.

        Best regards,

        • Hi Jovana,

          To make sure that your issue is addressed by the right team, could I please ask that you open a ticket in our Support forum explaining the problem you’re facing? Our Supporters will be able to look into your site, the translation mode you have set up for these fields, and find the reason why you’re being asked to update the translations.