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Overview of the issue

We recommend translating WordPress sites created with Divi theme using either the Advanced Translation Editor or Classic Translation Editor.

If you need to translate your project manually, please note you cannot do so using the Divi Back-end Builder if you have formatted your URL to use A different domain per language. Instead, you will notice that it works fine on the default language, but it gets stuck in an infinite loop for secondary languages.


As Divi uses an iframe for the frontend editor, it is something we cannot fix in our side. In the meantime, please edit your translations with Divi Visual Builder as a workaround.

22 Respostas para “"A different domain per language" URL configuration conflicts with the Divi Back-end Builder”

  1. HI, any news?
    I can edit 2nd language via WPML Advance Translation Editor. That works just fine.
    But the problem I have is that I can’t edit the 2nd language via Visual Builder. Why I need that?
    Because I need to adjust big titles and words on the 2nd language (different from default language) and also add other modules in there –> e.g. Contact Form (because right now I only have 1 contact form of divi that is translated into both domains. but then the google reCaptcha V3 is not working).

    Any Idea how to access the visual builder on divi for the 2nd language?

      • Hi,
        thanks for your answer. I can open the Visual Builder and edit the content on the default language ENG (website.com) –> but I have no access to the visual builder for the secondary language DE (website.de).
        There is no edit bar on top to enter the visual builder, the backend builder is loading infinitely.

        • I’m sorry to hear the workaround didn’t work. However, I see that you have already opened a ticket and Andreas is handling your case.
          Let’s continue there. 🙂

    • Hi Andres,

      I am having the same issue. And I am unable to use the visual builder workaround.
      I have logged a ticket. Could you have a look since you have worked on this issue before?

      I am currently unable to edit or maintain the English version of my website.


      • Sure Tristan, you can share your ticket here. However, we don’t have any other workaround than using Divi Visual Builder editor or any of our Translation editors.
        I recommend you to contact Divi support as well, it may help moving this forward.

  2. Hi Andres,

    I am unable to use the Divi Visual Editor (pages in the second language don’t show any top menu) and I am also unable to asign an already translated page (second language) to an original page (first language).

    That effectively makes it impossible for me to edit any pages in the second language. I really need support on this.

    I spoke to Itamar about this today. He wasn’t able to solve my problem and mentioned turning my question into a ticket. But I haven’t received a ticket number or a link since.
    This is the original thread: https://wpml.org/forums/topic/divi-can-not-edit-with-divi-builder-on-the-second-language-with-domain-per-language/

  3. Hi,

    DIVI Builder doesn’t work with the second domain (1 domain/language)

    If you solved this issue can you let me/us know the solution? I see a few customers have the same problem but solutions are hidden somewhere in separate tickets. So, if you can right just a few steps about what is wrong it will help a much me and others
    Thank you very much


    • Hello Marek,
      At the moment we are waiting for a fix coming from Divi’s team. I recommend you to contact them and use the workaround proposed on this ticket in the meantime.

  4. Hi,
    I have the same problem.
    I installed the 1 language per domain version, but I can open the visual builder only on the main language.

    It’s an updated version of DIVI and latest version of WPML

    • Hello Nicola,
      I’m afraid this issue is still open, but as we mention in our workaround, it is something we cannot fix in our side. In the meantime, please edit your translations with Divi Visual Builder as a workaround.

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