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April 2, 2024

Use WPML to easily translate Divi elements such as sections, rows, modules, and native WordPress elements like headers and footers.

Website in English
Website in French

How to Translate Divi Sites

To translate any Divi element, go to WPML → Translation Management and follow these steps:

1. Choose the element you want to translate. Use the Type dropdown and click Filter to locate it quickly. In our example, the element is a Layout.

Using the Type filter to display all Layout items

2. Choose languages to translate into.

3. Select how you want to translate your items: automatically or manually, doing translation yourself or assigning to a translator, as shown in our example.

For fast and high-quality translations, we suggest using the Translate automatically option. Explore more about machine translation in WPML in our automatic translation guide.

4. Click Start translating.

Choosing an element and translation mode before translating in Translation Management

When automatic translations are ready, you can review them in WPML → Translations. To do this, follow the page about reviewing automatic translations.

Use Different Designs for Different Languages

Sometimes, you need to display different content to users in different languages and countries. You can easily do this with WPML.

In our example, we have different modules in English and French, each tailored to its respective site version.

Website in English
Website in French

To learn how to do this, see our page about creating different translations and designs in different languages.

Why Translate Divi with WPML?

Free automatic translation

You get a bulk of free credits to start translating right away

Quick Automatic Translation

Translate your entire website in minutes


WPML seamlessly integrates with hundreds of WordPress plugins

Own Your Translations

All translations are stored on your website and belong to you

Translation Consistency

Keep translations uniform across your website

Easy Setup

Get a quick translation start

Don’t have WPML yet?

To translate your Divi site, you will need to get a WPML plan. See our pricing page to find the right plan for your website.

If you have any questions, our pre-sales team will be happy to help.