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Reported for: WPML Multilingual CMS 3.6.0

Resolved in: 3.6.3

Overview of the issue

This is a possible compatibility issue with some themes or 3rd part plugins. The language switcher is actually inserted in the theme (the HTML markup is visible), but the string for each menu item is empty.

The reason is that some themes or 3rd part plugins are stripping HTML tags or truncating the menu label.


As a temporary solution, we created a raw text template for menu items. Please follow the instructions below:

1. Download the template ZIP here: https://github.com/OnTheGoSystems/Text-Menu-Item-Template/archive/master.zip
2. Extract this template folder into {your-theme-folder}/wpml/templates/language-switchers/ (you should have the template files in {your-theme-folder}/wpml/templates/language-switchers/Text-Menu-Item-Template/).
3. Go to the WPML -> Language page and scroll to the Menu language switcher section.
4. Add or edit a language switcher for menus.
5. Use the Language switcher style dropdown to select the Your theme – Text Menu Item option (where “Your theme” is the name of the site’s active theme) and save.

Note: As this template does not contain any HTML tag, the option to include a flag is disabled.

8 Respostas para “The menu language switcher is missing on the front-end”

    • Hi Leon,

      If you updated WPML to the latest version (3.6.2) and still have the issue, could you please open a support ticket on the forum? It might be a specific case related to your setup, so you will get a more dedicated support.

  1. Hi there,

    This is very disturbing – the language switcher does not work on the parent page of either Icelandic or English version of the site – but appears when you enter one of the child-pages on the website.

    In the footer menu, the language switcher works on all sites, both parent and child pages.

    Are you working on a solution for this?
    What can I do to fix this??

    • Hi,

      With the description of your problem, I don’t think it’s related to this errata. In order to investigate your specific case, can you please open a ticket on the support forum with your debug information? You will get a more dedicated assistance.

    • Hi again Pierre,

      I need some real dev assistance here if I’m the only one facing this issue. I have spoken to the AVADA support and dev team and they say the issue is on your side.

      I am about to launch a bi-lingual (Icelandic / English) company website that has been in dev for more than 6 months and is just about ready to be launched.

      Here is what I sent to the AVADA Support team on January 23rd:

      Before upgrading to Avada 5.0, I had this dev site all set up correctly and working seamlessly both in my native language Icelandic and English. After upgrading I have had many issues with WPML but have by now managed to work most of them through.

      I am having problems with the Fusion Sliders though. While I’m on the English version, I can’t have the fusion sliders appear correctly – or actually not at all. And inside the Fusion Builder, it always assigns the Icelandic version of the slides – and not the English versions.

      Can you please help me with this – or do I have to go to WPML support for this? Its deffinitly incompatibility problem between Avada and WPML but I have spent so much time on this already and not getting anywhere.

      The AVADA Support team claims to have ruled out that this is an issue with AVADA and tells me that this is an issue with WPML and that they have contacted your developers for a solution.

      I am extremely frustrated since I have worked for months on the site and the only thing stopping my now from launching it is this issue.

      I really need you to come up with a quick answer – and a real solution to this issue.

      Can you please get back to me as soon as possible?

      I can provide your developers with access to the site if needed so that they can explore the issue.

      Thank you kindly,

      Birna on behalf of CP Reykjavik.

  2. Is there a link (URL) I could use to get the language switch to appear in the header?

    I tried your text menu item workaround which looked good and everything was according to the steps you described. Alas no language chooser in the menu!

    You advice appreciated